Know a Company that needs a Better IT Solution?

At Kore, we know referrals are an essential part of creating and building business relationships. Great leads can come from anyone at any time.

So we have created a referral program for leads that result in meetings, and for leads that result in contracts. If you are happy with Kore Technology Resources, you can benefit further while helping others meet a great Managed IT or Managed IT Compliance and Security vendor.

Why not explore this opportunity and receive benefits for you and your company?

It’s easy to do. Here’s how it works:

  • If you are a client and refer us to another company that signs a deal, we will give you a free month’s invoice, up to either the size of the new closed deal, or your full monthly amount.
  • If you are NOT a client, you can still earn with a referral! We will pay you or your favorite charity $500 once the deal closes.
  • Either situation must result in a closed deal within six months of the referral.
  • You must fill in the form at the right to participate in this program.

Here’s some hypothetical examples:

1. You refer a company that hires us for $20,000 a month. Your monthly invoice is $5,000. You would earn a free month from Kore.

What Would Make A Good Referral?

2. You refer a company that hires us for $5,000 a month. Your monthly invoice is $20,000. You would earn a $5,000 one-month discount from Kore.

A company in any professional industry with at least 20 computers or anyone with a regulatory compliance component to their organization.

How Do I Submit a Lead?

Simply call Eric Klipa at (724) 574-8990 or complete the form on this page.