CXL Warehouse

CXL Warehouse offers warehouse and distribution services to their partners in the retail, commercial and manufacturing industries.

The Objective

The client’s previous website was outdated and cluttered. They came to Kore wanting a modern makeover, and they were very happy with the results.

Unique Problems to Solve

Background image on old site was busy.

CXL Warehouse wanted to keep a background image on their pages, but the one they had was too busy. The words were not readable against the background. To fix this, Kore created a picture of their facility with a black gradient, making the text visible.

Color Scheme

The original color scheme of CXL Warehouse was bright yellow and green. They wanted to ditch that and go with grey and black. Kore redid their logo with the new colors, as well as the color scheme of the website.

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CXL Warehouse website screenshot.

GAMA Sports Training

Gama is passionate about giving true 1 on 1 feedback for all athletic skill levels and focusing on the individual using proven techniques. In addition, they take care working to build athletic prowess, passion and drive in all our athletes.

GAMA Sports Training website screenshot.

The Objective

Gama Sports facility’s website did not reflect the essence of the business. The staff bios, services & photos needed to be updated. Kore provided the updated photography. Gama also wanted to integrate their social media.

Unique Problems to Solve

Client Dashboard

Gama coaches need a portal to update the team roster & player information. The dashboard can also be customized if other Gama staff need access to the back-end.

Improved user experience

Kore created a customer-centric design that drives action. The website’s hierarchy provides visitors of the website with the information they require.

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LM Insurance

LM insurance provides prompt and professional insurance services backed by experience. Rest easy knowing you have insurance protection tailored to your needs.

The Objective

The client was using a Wix-like website builder. The original platform was not fulfilling the client’s needs. Kore set up web hosting & rebuilt the website using WordPress. We also added a chat function for customers to talk in real-time to an insurance specialist.

Unique Problems to Solve

Optimize SEO

Collaborated with client to update content for search engine optimization. Kore did research to understand LM Insurance’s audience & use the content the LM customer would be searching for on the website.

Keeping the original aesthetic

Kore rebuilt the original site in the new platform but we advised the client to re-imagining their website’s interface and user experience while keeping within the original constraints. The website also has an accessible function for users who have visual impairments or are color blind.

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LM Insurance website screenshot.

Meet the Designers

Sarah O’melia

Sarah graduated from Edinboro University in 2015 Bachelor of Applied Media Arts & a minor in drawing. Certified Web Designer & developer with years of experience in the sector. Highly skilled in Adobe package and HTML. Highly motivated individual with profound experience in designing various websites.

Haley Frisch

Haley graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2021. While studying Studio Art, she found a passion for graphic and web design. For Kore Technology Resources, Haley has worked on two website redesigns: CXL Warehouse and GAMA Sports Training.